Critical Medical Unit Alternative Power Solution 


What happens when a natural disaster strikes a critical structure like a hospital?  Much confusion, panic, and  a lot of commotion. There is a good chance that during a mayor natural disaster ICU’s and CTU’s can become critical points of power management. Ventilators, life support systems, dialysis machines and incubators, are just a few of the medical technologies that could be affected during an emergency. 


Our Solution


Is a two-part energy dispersal system that can add precious hours to a patient who is in need of specialized medical machinery or emergency first response. The first part is the compact cell container ( think dimensions of a 32 oz soft drink ) and a rechargeable mechanism. Features include a wall plug,   replacement parts, and a structural battery.


Project start date:  02/13/2014

Project Site: Dominican Republic


– Medical

– Health

–Power Source

How do we plan on making our idea scalable? 

Using non-lithium-based cells to supply energy to the core. In all reality, this is not even a new invention but a suitable adaptability to a proven tech, that can now be used as an alternate power supply for hospitals and homes.

The current level of development                                                                                                                   

– Ideation

 Proof of Concept                                                                                         

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