Good morning,

This is an official statement from our Directive board. Please read carefully!

Recently there has been some confusion in regards to our company.
It seems a company with the same name has gotten themselves in quite a lot of trouble internationally due to the ethical constraints of their business operations.

You can read about their troubles here

This company who also calls themselves Ambrosia labs is registered as an LLC in Orem, Utah. Their website is

For some reason, they’ve tried to underhandedly take advantage of a legal loophole in their marketing campaign that allows companies to use the same name when registering in a different state, as we believe they were fully aware that the domain has been owned by us for over 5 years.

We would like to reiterate that we are in now way associated with this other entity and while they choose to label themselves as a “Lab” we are pretty certain they are not part of the scientific community at large.

We are a BIOTECHNOLOGY company and as such, are registered legally as a CORPORATION under the state of Delaware.

We are in no way associated with the aforementioned company, nor do we condone the importation of Human breastmilk from Cambodia, or the exploitation of any underprivileged group.

We just wanted to clear things up as we have been getting bombarded with negative emails in regards to these events, and wanted to assure our stakeholders and customers that it is a simple case of mistaken identity.

Thank you


Feb. 14 2017 – 3:58am,

Been up for about an hour, have put a mean hurting on a mug of expresso. Thinking about what to write about this week, and then I realized something. When one works long, productive hours at some point they start questioning if their efforts are being appreciated. I’m not special, what I do is actually pretty normal. There are others who share this valiant struggle to be productive as early as possible, and I’ve met them.

I’ve learned that research driven industries have very dynamic relationship matrices, that can change even before a project is completed or even funded! It’s hard for a scientist to maintain ties while trying to cram as much research as possible. They will humor you up to a certain point and then, you have to part ways.  Teams and research funds are always changing, creating situations that you have to deal with and team members that have to be replaced. Yet none of it could be accomplished without people trusting your vision, and sharing the madness.

It’s a tough cookie trying to predict if a team will ever make it to funding their research before they have to part ways. So it is best to show appreciation to the team you have now.

Thanks for believing in me

This is their shoutout…

Meet our collaborating institutions:

Cambiando la Cultura del Transporte en Republica Dominicana

En el 2015 se registraron unos 3,612,964 vehículos en la capital de Santo Domingo – De acuerdo a la Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas (ONE) un 42.4% (1,517,444) se encuentran en el Distrito Nacional. El problema es que la población del mismo es solo 1,015,150 personas. De acuerdo al COP21 de Paris recientemente aprobado, los países de Latino America necesitan crear incentivos para bajar los niveles de contaminación por GEI. La pregunta se torna a como eliminar la contaminación producida por el transporte publico, en sitios donde la mayoría de la pobalcion depende de el?

Nosotros tenemos una hipotesis basado en el adaptamiento cultural como via de motivar el cambio social. Creemos que hemos identificado un buen indicador de como variar la conducta social para motivar el cambio en un segmento de nuestra sociedad.

Hasta ahora es solo un concepto, pero que piensan?

Cambiando la Cultura del Transporte en Republica Dominicana