What is our team up to?

At Ambrosia we feel that people should be able to use all of their senses to enhance their learning. This means adjusting your learning style to what best suits your dominant sense. We are attemtping to create a media rich experience that everyone can enjoy; but we just haven’t quite, figured it out yet. In […]

Downloading Development

How fast is your internet? Have you ever checked around with other companies to compare their data plans? Does your home have wifi? If so, you represent the minority. In fact, out of every 100 households in LDCs (least developed countries), only seven have steady internet access. It should come as no surprise that the […]

Sustainable Development: How Can We Make a Difference?

  Lending a helping hand to those less fortunate is always a popular topic this time of year. But how can we support marginalized communities in a way that allows them to thrive all year around? International economic development is a fabulous sector that aims to do grassroots work alongside vulnerable populations, but many of […]

The Paris Agreement: What Does It Mean?

Human civilization has never been static. The constant pursuit of economic, technological, physiological, and cultural progress has drastically changed the landscape of our planet. Nevertheless, the modern and globalized society we recognize today has a distinct beginning in the early 1800s with the Industrial Revolution. By harnessing the energy produced from the combustion of fossil […]

Cambiando la Cultura del Transporte en Republica Dominicana

En el 2015 se registraron unos 3,612,964 vehículos en la capital de Santo Domingo – De acuerdo a la Oficina Nacional de Estadísticas (ONE) un 42.4% (1,517,444) se encuentran en el Distrito Nacional. El problema es que la población del mismo es solo 1,015,150 personas. De acuerdo al COP21 de Paris recientemente aprobado, los países de […]

Project Status

A general update on the project mid August, 2016