We follow PMI standards

Ambrosia Labs follows the Project Management Institute (PMI) standards, we are a Projectized Organization, structured within  a corporate matrix environment, made up of four components.

Each component has a project manager who handles all of the teams in that department. Each Project Manager assigns teams to deal with the various tasks in the pipeline. These teams report to the project managers, who then report to the executive in charge, easy right?


Image taken from PMBOK guide


  • Our Corporate Management Team handles the daily operations of the company, manages our technology, and handles our marketing and sales. They also ensure we are in compliance with local and international regulations.


  • The Project Management Team assures that all project managers are within the scope of their projects, and serves as a control center for changes that need to take place. They also manage the company’s project portfolio and ensure they are in line with our corporate goals.


  • The Research and Development Team is a bit different from the rest. It is made up of scientific collaborators from around the world, who work along side one of our project managers. This team changes with each project, and can become quite large. For this reason each principal investigator assumes a project management role ( or assigns someone who will) within their own private research facility. Our experts come from varying disciplines, sometimes they are interchangeable, sometimes oblivious to each other, but we take it upon us to make sure each project has a single seamless workflow, like one big happy family.


  • The Economic Development Team works together with Research and Development to transfer technologies to places in need of economic development. They work closely with Community Leaders, Government, and non-profit partners towards the goal of empowering humanity.Their job is to review the project portfolio and strategize which projects could be used to integrate communities into its value chain based on their environmental and economic profile, and how to best transfer this knowledge.

All of this combines to make us a very different type of Biotechnology company, one that fuses international commerce with state of the art research, all for the goal of being socially responsible.