As we all could imagine, this type of undertaking would be impossible without our on-site team. Anyone who has done any type of organizing can tell you that grassroots movements require a lot of man-hours. A dedicated team has to be deep within the community to truly earn their trust and to understand what is altruistically in their best interest to do.

These guys are our change agents


Eng. MSc. Christophe Reyne is the aquaculture operations manager for Ambrosia Labs. He holds an engineering degree in agriculture and environmental sciences, an equivalent to an MSc, from the Institut Superieur d’Agriculture de Rhone-Alpes (ISARA) in France. His passionate interest in fish farming led him to graduate from a Master of science in Aquaculture and Fisheries from Wageningen University in The Netherlands. He has over 5 years working experience in aquaculture operations worldwide (Europe, Indian Ocean, and Latin America).

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